About us

We are a small club currently limited to just 90 members. Each of these members has around 30 or more friends and family who regularly ski with them, but unfortunately Lake Kurwongbah often goes unused during the week and in winter. LKWSZ INC has made over 14 written and verbal requests during the last three years to be allowed to once again issue mid-week and winter permits. We have also requested permission to cease the existing permit system and accept all members on our waiting list with suitable safe boats then simply manage the number of boats on the lake at any one time to ensure it remains safe for everyone.

LKWSZ INC has shared usage of Lake Kurwongbah with the Pine Rivers Rowing Club since about 1959. We welcome the addition of paddlecraft to the lake and will continue to safely ski around any paddlecraft users who happen to be on the lake on a skiing day, just as we have always done with  (previously unauthorised) paddlecraft, and just as we do on all other waterways where we are allowed to boat and waterski.



Lake Kurwongbah is also the home of the only slalom course in the Brisbane metropolitan area. This course is overseen by Water Ski Queensland, and is open to persons skiing with Water Ski Queensland or LKWSZ INC members. LKWSZ Inc works closely with Water Ski Queensland and is the perfect training location for avid barefooters and slalom tournament skiers. Lake Kurwongbah has produced more state and national champion water skiers than any other location in Australia.  In the 1980s, LKWSZ INC members ran water skiing displays on the Brisbane River throughout Warana Festivals.

From humble beginnings as the water supply for the former Petrie Paper Mill, Lake Kurwongbah was later handed to the former Pine Rivers Shire Council and then amalgamated into Moreton Bay Regional Council before being handed over to Seqwater for ongoing management. In the 1960s, the lake was cleared of stumps and obstacles to make it safe to ski and train right down to water levels of just 12%.

In 2015, world barefoot champion Keith St Onge visited Lake Kurwongbah, commenting it is some of the best barefoot skiing conditions of anywhere in the world.

Our club has strict safety rules to keep skiers and lake users safe operating in a small area. These include limits on the size of boats and use of ballast tanks to create extra wash, all boats turning and circling the lake in the same direction and annual boat safety inspections conducted on member boats.

Lake Kurwongbah is quite small compared to other lakes like Somerset.  The Lake Kurwongbah water skiing community has a strong focus on safety and also has an enviable safety record.  All persons using the lake are required to obey all MSQ regulations and club safety rules.