Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the public not allowed to ski on the lake without being a member of LKWSZ?

Many factors were taken into consideration to devise the current arrangement from Seqwater. Lake Kurwongbah is very unique given its small size and restrictions of being able to cope with the amount of usage seen at larger dams such as Somerset and Moogerah. Also, being situated in the heart of a residential area, careful consideration was given to the adjoining neighbours regarding impacts from noise and impacts on the surrounding environment. The lake is now shared concurrently with the Pine Rivers Rowing Club and paddle craft, so safety will continue to be of greatest importance. To keep access to the lake manageable, Seqwater has allowed LKWSZ to increase its membership cap to 90 and run more frequent Come and Try Days (see I don’t own a boat. How can I ski on the lake? and Can I ski while I am waiting to become a member?)

How can I become a member?

You can become a member of LKWSZ by requesting and application form for the waiting list. Once a completed application is received, you will go onto the waiting list. When a spot becomes available for you, before becoming a member, you will need to satisfy LKWSZ’s requirements for becoming a member, including paying any fees and owning a boat that:

a) Complies with Maritime Safety QLD (MSQ);
b) Complies with the specific LKWSZ requirements (additional to MSQ);
c) Is fully comprehensively insured and have a minimum $5,000,000 waterskier’s liability cover;
d) Passes a visual inspection by an approved LKWSZ Safety Officer.

How much does membership cost?

$200 Joining fee. $500 Annual fee. These fees are subject to change annually.

What are the permitted times for skiing?

Lake Kurwongbah is open for skiing 7 days/week
7:30am to 6:30pm Monday to Saturday (5:30pm May – August)
8:00am to 6:30pm Sunday (5:30pm May – August)
Boats are not to be operated after sunset. The number of concurrent boats using the lake must not exceed the maximum number depending on the water level (see below). The hours are shorter than most lakes in southeast Qld as there are many residents surrounding the lake and we take their privacy and serenity very seriously.

Does my boat comply?

Lake Kurwongbah is small in size and special consideration is given to reduce impacts on the environment, surrounding residents and other lake users. Boat wash is kept to a minimum by using strict controls. These include:

a) Complies with Maritime Safety QLD regulations
b) Between 4.0m and 6.5m (13ft 1.5in and 21ft 3.9in)
c) Not a half cabin
d) Not a Personal Water Craft (PWC, Jet Ski, Wave Runner etc.)
e) No over the transom exhausts
f) No use of wake enhancing devices. This includes, but not limited to fat sacks, ballast tanks, wedges, anything that will purposely increase the size of the wake (e.g. lead weights and sand bags)
g) If your boat meets the above criteria it will then be visually inspected by a nominated Safety Officer.

I don’t own a boat. How can I ski on the lake?

If you don’t own a boat, you can still ski with one of the members. Simply email and let us know that you are keen for a ski. We will then let our members know and they can get in touch. Alternatively, come to one of the Public Come and Try Days that are held every quarter. See below for more details.

Can I ski while I am waiting to become a member?

Absolutely, but unfortunately not with your own boat. However, we always welcome non-members to ski with our members. Simply email and let us know that you are keen for a ski. We will then let our members know and they can get in touch. Alternatively, come to one of the Public Come and Try Days that are held every quarter. See below for more details.

Who owns and manages the lake?

Seqwater own the lake and skiing is managed by LKWSZ. Prior to Seqwater it was owned by the Pine Rivers Shire Council. LKWSZ is a not for profit organisation run by volunteers. It is managed to the best of our ability and within the restrictions placed upon us.

How many members are in the club?

Pine Rivers Shire Council imposed a membership cap of 70 boats and this has continued when Seqwater took over the lake. Negotiations with Seqwater in 2017 resulted in the membership cap being lifted to 90.

How many boats are allowed on the lake at any one time?

Due to the size of the lake, the number of boats needs to be controlled and also reduced as the water level drops. The total number of boats that can ski at any one time is:

Water Level     Concurrent Boats
over 75%          12
over 50%           9
over 25%           6
under 25%       training only (in front of Mick Hanfling Park)

Why was there a slot cut in the spillway a few years ago?

Every dam wall requires some maintenance during its life. It was found that the earth wall beside the spillway required repairs and engineers needed to act. In 2018, Seqwater commenced upgrading Lake Kurwongbah (Sideling Creek Dam) as part of the Dam Improvement Program. To remove the load from the wall, a 2m wide slot was cut in the concrete spillway to effectively and temporarily lower the water level. The bottom of the slot keeps the level at 60% which is 8,590ML (100% is the top of the spillway). Seqwater Dam Levels note that the bottom of the slot is the new temporary 100% level. Works to the wall and spillway were completed as of February 2019.

Where is the Competition Ski Area?

It is located in the stretch of water directly in front of Mick Hanfling Park. There is a permanent slalom course which is used for slalom training and competitions. Waterski QLD has special access to LKWSZ’s slalom course. QLD Barefoot Water Ski Club (QBWSC) and Wakeboard QLD competitions are also held here. General social skiing is not permitted in this area (e.g. tubing, wakeboarding etc.) but the area can be used for social slalom practise when it is not being used for a competition. LKWSZ is a great supporter of competitive skiing and works in conjunction with the various representative bodies to allow such event to occur. Refer to below map for further details

Where is the Social Ski Area?

The social ski area runs north of the competition area up towards Lakeside Raceway. Through the centre of the lake it is approximately 3km long.

Why do I rarely see skiers from Mick Hanfling Park?

Only the competition area (and a very small section of the social area) is visible from Mick Hanfling Park. You will only see boats in this area when there is a competition or when skiers are using the slalom course for competitive or social training. This area is limited to one boat only in the slalom course. There can be other boats waiting stationary outside of the slalom course. The course is used on a set for set rotation.

Where is the boat ramp?

In the early beginnings of the ski Club, 8 (one lane) ramps were constructed and are scattered around the lake. Currently, only 1 ramp is used, and it is located at the Ski Road Parklands within the licence area on the southern facing bank. The other 7 ramps are no longer used because they are not close to the wash down station or within the area that LKWSZ is permitted to use under its licence agreement with Seqwater.

What is the Wash Down Facility?

The lake is infested with highly spreadable Cabomba Weed. This aquatic plant was originally intended for use in fish tanks but made its way into the lake. Seqwater and LKWSZ manage the spread of weed by use of high pressure water which keeps the weed on site. Washing boats and trailers is very important. Seqwater constantly monitor usage of the wash down facility and keep the system operational.

Where and when are Club meetings held?

Meetings are held on every second Wednesday of the month (excluding January) at Club Pine Rivers, Francis Rd & Sparkes Rd, Bray Park.

Does LKWSZ run any events?

The Club run many events each year, most of which the public are encouraged to attend.

Charity Ski Days. A free day of skiing to our nominated charities and their families/caregivers.

Public Come and Try Days. We hold quarterly Public Come and Try Days. These days are an opportunity for the public to come and ski behind our members boats. To see when the next Public Come and Try Day is, click on Events.

Social Time Trials. It is all about endurance and how well you can keep time, not speed. Teams are given a lap running order which shows the specific time given for each lap and the type of equipment that both skiers must use. Teams ski around a set course starting at approx. 90 second intervals. For every second early or late of the specific lap time accrues a demerit point. Team with the least points WINS! Great event for all the family no matter what age or skill level.

What are the Charity Ski Days?

For over 20 years LKWSZ has run this event bi-annually. They are purposely designed to help disadvantaged, disabled and sick children and adults, including their families and/or caregivers. We support Make-A-Wish Foundation, Sporting Wheelies, Legacy and Variety. The event is free. We take care of everything and Kedron Wavell RSL and Legacy generously put on a BBQ lunch.

Does LKWSZ have any additional rules?


In addition to the rules around boat requirements (See the FAQ “does my boat comply), some of the other rules that are designed to consider the lake’s unique skiing environment are:
Maximum of 4 adults (or children equivalent) and 1 child in the boat whilst towing skiers.
Maximum of 3 skiers towed.
Boat must not be over its capacity rating (including skiers).
Boats to travel in an anti-clockwise direction.
No person to be seated forward of the driver at any time (e.g. bow rider).
Boat must be washed down thoroughly at the wash down facility before leaving the licence area.
Regular and random boat inspections.

Fun Facts!

Lake Kurwongbah was originally built to supply water for paper manufacturing at the Petrie Paper Mill (now demolished and the site of the University of Sunshine Coast).

Situated on Sideling Creek, with excess water flowing into the North Pine River.

LKWSZ was established in 1959.

Lake Kurwongbah has hosted many national, state and local tournaments.

The lake has been a training site for many Aussie champions including world champion jump skier Geoff Carrington and ten times Australian waterski champion Mark Beretta.

Full capacity of the lake is 14,370ML.

At full capacity, the lake is 6 times smaller than Lake Moogerah (83,765ML) and 26 times smaller than Lake Somerset (379,849ML).

The lake covers an area of 3.2km2 with a catchment of 53km2
(Lake Somerset 42.1km2 and 1,330km2).

The lake is the only ski lake in southeast QLD in the heart of a residential area.

The road leading into the lake is aptly named Ski Road because of the lake’s approval to be used for water skiing (and rowing).


NOTE: as per the map below, the Slalom Course area was re-designated by Seqwater as a “Shared Zone”. The Lake Kurwongbah Recreation Guide on the Seqwater website reflects this change in zoning. However, signage in Mick Hanfling Park is still in the process of being updated.

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